Services overview

service1Website DevelopmentPlease display offers website development services that range from simple startup projects for local business, to highly specialized multilevel corporate websites.

The "Business Card" Website

This type of website is usually used for small advertisement campaigns, and is useful when you need to promote: a single product, a new service, a person, or a onetime event …etc. This is an inexpensive website model that efficiently provides a simple and fuss-free method to advertise and relay important key information. It is an effective and low-cost advertising campaign that can be compared to advertising in the local newspaper, on television or on the radio. This type of Business Card website is suitable for an abundant number of different purposes.

Example: A local moving company provides movers and truck rental services for residential and business clients. They can use the Business Card Website model to inform potential customers about their existence and the cost of their services.

Online store or catalog

This type of web site is suitable for startups or already existing businesses that want to attract potential local customers as well as clients from around the world. The online store/catalog is a very efficient way to promoted Internet trade (e-commerce). Today, online stores can be easily found by using keywords; therefore, it is the perfect module for product manufacturers and retailers.

 Example: A Company oversees furniture production and a sales business. They want to have an online website for their customers. For this type of business, it is very important to have an online store/website with an inventory list and the option to make purchases instantly over the Internet. Please Display Enterprise can provide this customer with a modern, fluid, and easy to navigate online web-store, with a payment system integrated to their business account.

Fully customized website

If you are looking to create something entirely new, or perhaps you are not satisfied with any of the options listed above and are looking for a fresh new idea to personify your business, we can create your site from scratch in accordance to your individual requests. Our knowledge of functional algorithms and web programming can realize your vision.

We want to help you with your unique project by:

  1. - Developing marketing research for your idea
  2. - Developing terms of reference (TOR)
  3. - Developing a financial plan based on your needs
  4. - Developing a unique and exclusive website
  5. - Providing technical support and maintenance for your project after it has been created
service2SEO and website promotion

Please Display Enterprise uses a variety of Internet tools and methods to bring your website to the first pages of all major search engines.

With over 15 years of experience, we have accumulated outstanding skills and achieved excellent results in the field of SEO promotion.

Complex solution promotion is a term used to describe the visibility of your website on the Internet amongst a large number of other requests. When doing a search, more people will see your website if they enter a variety of different keyword that match up with your domain; thus, your website ranks higher on the Internet.

Please Display Enterprise offers different types of SEO and promotional techniques on the Internet:

          SEO (search engine optimization) 

We will analyze your website and business, and then make necessary changes in the HTML coding to make your website friendly to the Internet search engines.

We use special technical tools, analytical analysis, and our own unique strategies to determine the SEO actions and the specialized sequence required to make your website visible and mentioned on the Internet.

Increasing traffic from external resources

We create and place unique ads on special internet recourses to maximize targeted traffic to your website. All these business submissions are made manually by our content advertisement experts. We use only effective manual submission in order to avoid any conflict with major principles and algorithms of search engines. This method prevents any possible downgrades to the rank of your website on a main search engine like Google.

Our technical writers can create unique texts about your service or product that can significantly change your page rank position in search engines. A combination of different online promotions methods will bring your website to the first page of all search engines!

Social network promotion

It’s not a secret that different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc play significant role in the modern society of today. If you are an owner of a business or a manager of big corporation, it is highly recommended to promote and advertise your business on social networks if you don’t want to lose an opportunity to tap into an ever evolving and growing industry.

Advertising your business through social networks allows you to attract a wide variety of potential customers. More over, in some countries the government presents its news to the public through the use of social networks.

Please Display Enterprise has highly qualified specialists that are experts in social network promotions. They will build and create the necessary and specific image required to attract potential customers.

service3Consulting and complex solutions Please Display Enterprise offers website analysis, marketing research and solutions for any of your business problems.

Audit of Websites

An independent audit of your website is essential:

- It is crucial to check the quality of your search engine optimization. The SEO audit informs if your website is visible to potential customers.

Our Please Display experts will provide you with a technical analysis of your site in terms of its compliance with latest search engine requirements and trends. Without the technical optimization of your web site, it is almost impossible to achieve good results in promotional advertising over the Internet.

- It is important to identify the main obstacles that hinder the promotion and diffusion of your website over Internet.

-A website audit will provide you with an organized report and detailed instructions on how to achieve search engine optimization for your websites’ web pages in relation to their relevant keywords.

The Please Display audit report will help you see the whole picture in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). Our experts will suggest the most efficient ways to achieve a high ranking position for your website given your chosen keywords.

The website audit report includes:

  1. General analysis of your website
  2. A detailed technical analysis of your website in terms of SEO, and recommendations to help eliminate possible errors and SEO violations.
  3. Detailed recommendations with regards on how to achieve high page ranking on major search engines and how to take advantage of your competitor’s websites.
  4. The position of your website on the major search engines using your specific keywords
  5. A Business analysis of your website with recommendation on how to improve the image of your business over the Internet.

The website analysis made by Please Display Enterprise can be used as instructions for how to advertise your site online and how to improve your business image.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions is a complex approach to an advertising campaign for your business. It includes a comprehensive analysis about the structure of your business and the businesses of your competitors. It also provides information involving the development for concept promotions, a general analysis/summary of overall results, and much more.

Please Display will help you develop and organize an offline advertising campaign in newspapers, on television and over the radio.

Enlist our marketing research and get answers on:

  1. How to effectively position your product or service
  2. Who is your targeted audience
  3. How to showcase the most attractive sides of your product or service
  4. Who your competitors are and what they do
  5. The reaction of your potential clients in regards to your product or brand
  6. What you should do to attract new visitors to your website
  7. How to convert visits to your website into sales
  8. What actions are most influential to the target audience

Much more!

 Please Display experts can help you develop and evaluate business project in English or Russian, in accordance to the formal requirements in the US and Canada. The business projects prepared by our professionals can be used for bank loan applications, investor presentations or in front of any other institutions.

We also help you make educated business projects in English or Russian. Our specialists prepare the business project. Their work will help you gain investors such as the bank or other institutions that will feel inspired to support your cause.

Example: You have a unique idea, product or service you want to offer to potential customers, but you don’t know how to start your business. Please Display experts can help you develop a business project, create a web site, promote your business & website, as well as suggest strategies and tactics to ensure your company’s success and growth.