What we are and who we are.


Here at Please Display, our company specialists have been highly dedicated and engaged in the development and promotion of websites and software since 2001. We have brought to fruition hundreds of projects that have seen major success.

 Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Please Display enterprise is a friendly team of highly skilled professionals in the field of web design, software development, Internet marketing, SEO and e-commerce. Our customers range from countries such as: Canada, the US, England, Australia and Eastern Europe.

We are able to develop and promote websites of any complexity, fluently in English, French and Russian. This allows for a very efficient search engine optimization and promotion for local business in Canada and the US. This is realized in such a way that your potential domestic clients are able to easily find your service or products online.
Our goal is to employ the latest technology in web development and design to create original, vivid, fluid and unique websites that attract new online customers that warrant your profit! Whether you are an owner of a startup project, or the manager of a big corporation, our specialists will find a perfect solution that caters to your exact needs.

Our experts are ready to help you with all design and software development, including applications for mobile devices, and unique programs for local industrial applications.

Our experts in marketing and business will facilitate your marketing research and the creation of your business plan according to the most-current requirements in the US and Canada. We guarantee the perfect cost effectiveness ratio for our service.

Our goal is your success.

Meet our team!

  • Olga

    Content advertising. Social Networks. Business promotion on-line....

  • Igor

    Photo and video. Multimedia software tools....

  • Rita

    Technical writer in English, French, Russian, Spain. Social Networks...

  • Iurii

    Content advertising. Web development. Graphic Design. Business promotion on-line....

  • Serge

    SEO. Web development. Marketing, e-commerce and business analysis since 2001....

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